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About Us


meals on wheels logoMeals on Wheels was organized in 1973 out of this community's commitment to help those in need.  Since then, Meals on Wheels has provided nourishing meals to hundreds of residents who need help.


Meals on Wheels provides nutritious, balanced meals to those unable to prepare their own food - the homebound, the young and the old, the handicapped, the disabled, or those recuperating from an illness or injury.  The meals are delivered to each home 5 days a week, all year-round, by dedicated volunteers.


A volunteer board of directors governs the nonprofit Corporation founded in 1973 and a director oversees daily operations.  Meals on Wheels is supported by those receiving the meals as well as contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, the United Way, The Reno County Council on Aging and more.



man receiving mealWho Is Eligible?


Recipients must live in Hutchinson or within 3 miles of the city limits and be:


  • Homebound - unable to leave home for an extended period of time.
  • Unable to buy food due to illness, disability or handicap, lack of transportation or family assistance.
  • Unable to prepare a balanced meal or special diet for any of the above reasons.



What Do Meals Cost?


The hot meal is $5.00.  Bills are sent the first of each month for meals delivered during the previous month.  Fees can be reduced according to the individual's ability to pay.



What Kind Of Meals Are Delivered?


One hot meal a day is delivered in an insulated container.  The nutritious meals are planned by a registered dietitian and carefully prepared at Wesley Towers, a local retirement community.  A light supplemental meal is also available for an additional charge.  The meal, which can serve later as dinner and breakfast, includes a sandwich, slice of bread, butter, small carton of milk, small can of juice and a box of cereal.



When Are Meals Delivered?


Meals are delivered 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, as close to the Noon hour as possible.



Can I Receive The Service As Long As I Want?


Yes.  Temporary service is also available for those who need help with meals on a short-term basis.



How Do I Apply?


Many are referred to us by hospitals, physicians, family, friends or others.  Although, you may call us directly at (620) 665-5711.  An applicant is admitted after individual needs are carefully evaluated.